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National Petition in Support of Our 3 Demands

Time for Truth Campaign launch national petition in support of their 3 simple demands.

Call to Action: National Petition

When: From Monday 10th December, International Human Rights Day

Why: Support the 3 Demands of the Time for Truth Campaign

Who: All citizens on the island of Ireland

The families of the Time for Truth Campaign have launched a petition across Ireland on International Human Rights Day calling for immediate action by the British and Irish Governments on our 3 demands:

  1. Implement the Stormont House agreement and properly resource its mechanisms for dealing with the past
  2. Fund the court’s legacy inquests as set out by the Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan
  3. Properly resource the Office of the Police Ombudsman

2018 is a year of significant anniversaries in human rights. It is 100 years since women won partial suffrage; 70 years since the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; 50 years since the emergence of the Civil Rights movement in the North of Ireland; and 20 years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

Nevertheless, there are many in our community who are still denied their basic human rights. These include victims and survivors of our conflict.

Show your support for the 3 demands of the Time for Truth Campaign.

Sign the petition.

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