Theresa May Time For Truth

Theresa May, It Is Time for Truth

Call to action – Theresa May, it is Time for Truth!

Campaigning family members of the Time for Truth Campaign are calling on victims and survivors of the conflict to join with them when they hold a protest at the Crescent Arts Centre tomorrow (20th July 2018) from 9am – 10am to coincide with the visit of British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Karen Bradley.

Call to Action: Protest Against British Government’s Treatment of Victims and Survivors

Who: Victims and survivors of the conflict, and their supporters

Where: Crescent Arts Centre, 2 University Road, Belfast, BT7

When: Tomorrow, 20th July 2018 @ 9am – 10am

Bring: Banners and photographs of your loved ones

The families of the Time for Truth Campaign will be demanding that the British government:

  1. Implements and adequately resources the Stormont House Agreement Legacy mechanisms in a human rights compliant manner;
  2. Immediately resources the Lord Chief Justice’s 5-year plan to clear the backlog of Legacy inquests; and
  3. Properly resources the Office of the Police Ombudsman to allow it to complete outstanding Legacy investigations in advance of the Historical Investigations Unit becoming fully operational

Ciarán MacAirt of the Time for Truth Campaign says:

“We are calling on victims and survivors of the conflict to join with us and have their voice heard for Theresa May and her absentee landlord government have ignored our families for long enough.

Theresa May is more interested in propping up a failing government rather than acknowledge and deal with the real, lived experiences of victims and survivors of the conflict in the north of Ireland. She has overseen the denial of basic human rights to families who have had to fight for scraps of truth and justice from the British state over the last two generations. And one of her only contributions to dealing with the legacy of the past here is to mislead the British parliament about investigations and prosecutions.

Families have their chance to tell Theresa May that now is the Time for Truth. So join with us tomorrow and have your voice heard.”


Notes for Editors: The Time for Truth Campaign is made up of families from across the country who are victims and survivors of the conflict. Further info here. Meet families tomorrow for comment or email Ciarán

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