About the Time for Truth Campaign

Truth Belongs To Everyone

About Us

Victims and survivors of the recent conflict in the north of Ireland formed the Time for Truth Campaign to fight for 3 simple objectives which would benefit all families impacted by the violence.

The Time for Truth Campaign demands that the British and Irish Governments:

  1. (1) Implement the Stormont House agreement and properly resource its mechanisms for dealing with the past
  2. (2) Fund the court’s legacy inquests as set out by the Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan
  3. (3) Properly resource the Office of the Police Ombudsman

Family Support

The families of the original Time for Truth Campaign committee included representatives from the Ballymurphy Massacre Committee, McGurk’s Bar Commemoration Committee, Loughinisland Justice Group, Springhill Massacre Group, Kelly’s Bar Campaign Group, the New Lodge Six Campaign, Ormeau Road Bookies Campaign and many others.

The Time for Truth March we organised on February 25th 2018 in Belfast attracted thousands of victims and survivors, friends, charities and supporters from civic society.

Due to its success, we welcomed the support of other families from across the country and organised follow-up protests and commemorations on 24th March 2018 to mark the International Day for the Right to the Truth.

We will continue until the British and Irish governments implement mechanisms they have already agreed upon for dealing with our troubled past.

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