The families of the Time for Truth Campaign are calling for friends, families and supporters to sign a petition in support of their 3 demands at locations throughout Belfast tomorrow (16th February 2019). The 3 demands are:

1. Implement and adequately resource the Stormont House Agreement legacy mechanisms in a human rights compliant manner

2. Adequately resource the Lord Chief Justice’s 5-year plan to clear the backlog in legacy inquests

3. Adequately resource the Office of the Police Ombudsman to allow it to complete outstanding historical investigations

Spokesperson for the Time for Truth Campaign, Ciarán MacAirt said:

“Sign the petition to show your support for victims and survivors across the community who are still denied their basic human rights. Just look at the news this week. Families from the Ormeau Road have been failed yet again by police investigating atrocities in the past. Hundreds of other families are experiencing the same and are being re-traumatized on a daily basis. This could be our final opportunity to deal with the past for families across the community. Sign the petition and support the Time for Truth Campaign.”

Call to Action: Sign the Petition

Why: Support the 3 Demands of the Time for Truth Campaign

Date: Saturday, 16th February 2019

Where and When:

West Belfast                                                               North Belfast

Colin, Falls – Dairy Farm  11am–2pm                        Flax Centre  11am–2pm

Kennedy Centre   10am–5pm                                    New Lodge (McLaughlins) 11am-2pm

Top of the Rock, outside Spar  10am–1.30pm          Ligoneil  11am–2pm

Saveway (Springfield Road) – 12–3pm

Bottom of Whiterock – 12-3pm

East Belfast                                                                 South Belfast

Short Strand / Ballymacarret 11am–2pm                 Ormeau Road 11am–2pm

Centre of Belfast

Black Taxi Depot  King Street 12–3pm


11 comments on “Sign the Petition

  • Sean osborne wrote:

    It’s time for truth. Documents are being withheld from families in their quest for truth. #PSNI are not neutral, implement SHA now.

  • Christopher Mulgrew wrote:

    Government needs to release funding for inquests


  • Isobel Butler wrote:

    Please sign this as a 7 year old child whos father was murdered with no inquest i am beggin u 2 signit thankyou

  • Eamonn Cunningham wrote:

    Are they trying to wait on all the relatives to pass away disgraceful

  • Pauline Bradley wrote:

    Please add my name to your petition and good luck with the campaign. I’m currently based In Scotland, near Glasgow.

  • Christopher Mulgrew wrote:

    British government should release funding for legacy inquests, many families have been waiting up to 40 years for.

  • Mano Beattie wrote:

    The truth does not have an Agenda if the English Goverment have nothing to hide then should not have to be asked to complete these inquests and release all details.They also need to their admit involvement in Dublin / Monaghan bombings.

  • Is there an online petition for people like me to sign who live too far away .no public transport from co Tyrone to get yo the petition sites ..I’d like to sign the petition tine for truth

    1. Dee, we’re looking into that now, a chara.

  • Anita Shields wrote:

    I believe this will help support the truth coming out and those responsible for these murders will be brought to justice.
    In a country were there is supposed to be a fair, open and transparent legal system, how can any part of that legal system try to hide and destroy evidence that could support the convictions of murders? This exposes a pattern of the legal system still clearly trying to cover up the collision that took place between the RUC, Special Branch and the Loyalist Murders. The RUC worked closely with Loyalist murder gangs providing them with guns, supporting their get away following shootings, failing to take statements from witnesses and destroying evidence.
    Look at how the RUC treated the residents of the Ormeau Road when the Orange men paraded down their road, there is clear video footage of what happened over a number of years. This helps builds evidence of a police force who had no respect for those residents and that was a number of years after the murders in Sean Grahams Bookmakers. The police force were out of control, aggressive mad men fuelled by their hate of Catholics, who clearly felt they were above the law and had a free hand to beat men, women and children year after year – why was that allowed to happen, why weren’t they made accountable for their actions at an earlier stage and what justification did they feel they had to terrorise and beat those residents, who they were receiving a good salary from our taxes to protect. The RUC was not a law abiding police force and further evidence of those within the legal system trying to destroy evidence and failing to disclose evidence of how these murders took place and who was accountable shows they have evidence they want to hide from any investigation – why? If they did what any police force should do in a murder investigation, why would you try to cover up any evidence surely if they were operating how they should then they should be very keen to disclose any evidence they may have to try to resolve any murder.
    Just a few years ago the handgun used in Sean Grahams Book Makers murder was donated from the RUC to The British Military Museum in London, as a weapon owned by the RUC. It was later removed from the museum as it was publised that this browning hand gun was owned by the RUC, but was leant to a Loyalist murder gang and they used it to shoot five innocent people in broad day light in the middle of the day in Sean Grahams Bookmakers on the Ormeau Road. That really says it all and it begs the question of how many more times did the RUC and Special Branch help the Loyalist murder gangs and some were indeed active members of such gangs.
    The truth will come out and it will be broadcast across the worlds media and those responsible will hopefully be convicted and that is what every law abiding citizen should expect from our legal justice system. We deserves nothing less than that.
    These cases have been dragging on far too long and the government needs to take action to provide funding for a full, fair and open investigations. The legal professionals are available and very willing to work hard to resolve these cases and let the truth be known, that is what a fair and open justice system is for and anyone working in any part of a legal system that tries to cover up the truth should be removed from working in the legal system and brought before the courts and charged with perverting the course of justice, as no one has the right to choose when justice should prevail especially in murder cases.
    My support, thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends who are fighting for justice.
    May god bless you all and support you through this as it must be a very difficult cross to bear.

  • Patrick mchugh wrote:

    It’s time the truth must b told it’s like last week the documents about sean Graham bookies a joke and cover up and collusion

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