Time for Truth Campaign March

Victims and Survivors Protest British Legacy Bill

Victims and survivors of the conflict are launching protests against the British Legacy Bill.

The Time for Truth Campaign is launching a series of protests across the north of Ireland against the British Government’s proposed Legacy Bill next month as victims of the conflict fear Britain now wants to legislate to bury its war crimes and protect state killers.

The protests are being launched to coincide with British Armed Forces Day (Saturday 26th June 2021). They will begin at 12pm at each location.

The families of the Time for Truth Campaign have campaigned to protect the rights of victims and survivors of the conflict in the face of British Government intransigence and failure to address the legacy of the conflict in the North of Ireland. Our fears over the British Government’s proposed Legacy Bill are shared by leading Human Rights NGO’s, academics and lawyers (link).

The families of the Time for Truth Campaign are mobilizing again to reiterate the need for the British Government to honour its commitments, namely:

  • ·        Implement the Stormont House Agreement in a human rights compliant manner and properly resource its mechanisms for dealing with the legacy of the past;
  • ·        Provide proper funding for the Lord Chief Justice`s 5-year legacy inquest plan;
  • ·        Provide adequate funding to allow the Office of the Police Ombudsman to complete outstanding historic investigations;
  • ·        Fulfil outstanding Weston Park legacy Agreements and hold a public inquiry into the State murder of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane.

PROTESTS WHEN – Saturday 26th June 2021, 12 – 12:30pm


(1)   Springhill Massacre Memorial, top of Springhill Drive, Belfast

(2)   Carol Ann Kelly Memorial Mural, Aspen Park, Twinbrook, Belfast

(3)   New Lodge Six Massacre Mural, Donore Court, New Lodge, Belfast

(4)   Sean Graham Bookies, Ormeau Road, Belfast

(5)   St. Paul’s GAA Club, Shaw’s Road, Belfast

(6)   Danny Barrett Mural, Ardoyne, Belfast

(7)   Aidan McAnespie Memorial, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone

(8)   Free Derry Wall, Derry

(9)   Tullygally Road, Pinebank, Lurgan

(10) Main Avenue, Derrybeg, Newry

(11) Beside Mountainview Hotel, Derrylin Road, Co. Fermanagh


If media can confirm attendance at any location, email Ciarán info@tftcampaign.com to arrange a local contact for interview.


Spokesperson for the Time for Truth Campaign, Ciarán MacAirt said:

“Today is Armed Forces Day, which commemorates the service of personnel in the British Armed Forces. Irish people in the 6 counties will remember 50 years of human rights abuses at the hands of these Armed Forces in our homes, our streets and laneways, our places of work and play, and in their British prisons and interrogation centres. These human rights abuses range from harassment and torture to the wounding and murder of Irish citizens.

Instead, our focus is on shining a light on British Government strategy in Ireland, a strategy which breached the human rights of citizens on a daily basis, culminating in civilian massacres in Ballymurphy, Derry, Springhill, New Lodge and many, many more.

The Time for Truth campaign is mobilising against the British Government’s attempts to bury its war crimes and other abuses under the cover of Covid-19. The latest proposals by them to deny families Article-2 compliant investigations, or access to due process via civil challenges or legacy inquests are totally unacceptable.

Our protests begin again today, carried out within current Covid-19 guidelines. We have organised a series of protest actions across the 6 counties in opposition to current attempts to introduce a Legacy Bill next month at Westminster. These mobilisations will increase in time and numbers as our campaign develops. Our demands are modest as we want the British Government to do little but honour its own word and our basic human rights. It’s Time for Justice. It’s Time for Truth.”



For further comment, email Ciarán info@tftcampaign.com

For further information on the Time for Truth Campaign.


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