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Victims and Survivors Protest Belfast High Court

Victims and Survivors Protest High Court in Belfast.

The families of the Time for Truth Campaign will be protesting outside the High Court in Belfast at 1pm, Tuesday 21st November 2023. We are supporting families who are legally challenging Britain's disgraceful Legacy Act. Families will be in attendance for interview.

What/Who: Families of the Time for Truth Campaign

Why: Protest against Britain's disgraceful Legacy Act

When: Today, Tuesday 21st November 2023 at 1pm

Where: Belfast High Court

The British state recently enacted its disgraceful Legacy Act which denies families equal access to due process of the law and ends fair investigation into its unlawful and extrajudicial murders in the north of Ireland.

Ordinary families have been forced to challenge the Legacy Act in court as it denies them their basic human rights. Some of these legal cases are sitting on Tuesday at the High Court.

Spokesperson for Time for Truth Campaign, Ciarán MacAirt, said:

“The Time for Truth Campaign will be protesting at Belfast's High Court in support of the many brave families that have been forced to take legal challenges against the British state and its disgraceful Legacy Act. Britain was a serial human rights abuser during the conflict and the Legacy Act is yet another attack on victims and their basic human rights." 

"All of the main political parties on the island of Ireland are against the Legacy Act. Human rights lawyers, academics and victims groups are against it too. Our families believe it is the latest British attempt to bury its war crimes in Ireland and to protect its killers. Again, we will be asking the Irish government to stand up and support us - it must immediately initiate an interstate case against the cruel British government to take the legal burden from these brave families.”

Further Information Email Ciarán MacAirt / 02895 818575


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