Call to action to greet Boris Johnson in Belfast.

Boris Johnson is due in Stormont tomorrow (Wednesday 31st July 2019) – join the families of the Time for Truth Campaign in protest.

The Time for Truth Campaign is calling on campaigning families, friends and legacy groups to join us at Stormont tomorrow morning to tell Boris Johnson that there will be no hierarchy of victims, no immunity and no impunity.

  • Where: Carson’s Statue, Stormont
  • When: 10am, Wednesday 31st July 2019
  • Who: Families of the Time for Truth Campaign, supporters, legacy groups
  • Bring: Campaign banners and family photos

Transport available from West Belfast at 930am SHARP – email for details.

White-Line Pickets

July 7, 2021

The Time for Truth Campaign is organising a series of white-line pickets across the North…

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