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Liz Truss Must Withdraw this Legacy Bill of Shame Without Delay

Families of the Time for Truth Campaign are protesting the British government’s Legacy Bill of Shame today in Belfast.

Speaking in advance of the protest against the Bill of Shame, Time for Truth Campaign spokesperson, Natasha Butler, granddaughter of Paddy Butler, who was murdered in the Springhill/Westrock Massacre on 09 July 1972 by members of the British Army, said:

“On Sunday 11th September the Time for Truth Campaign will be hosting a rally to Belfast City Hall to express the outright opposition of families bereaved in the conflict to the British Government Legacy Bill. The new British PM Liz Truss must listen to victims and withdraw this Legacy Bill of Shame without delay.”

“This Bill of Shame will provide an amnesty for British state forces and deny our families basic legal rights to an inquest, an independent investigation and civil actions.”

“It is a slap in the face to victims as it will prioritize the demands of the British military lobby over the legal rights of victims of state violence.”

“The objective of the British government’s Bill of Shame is to cover up their dirty war in Ireland.”

“Significantly this Bill of Shame has been rejected by the Irish government, all political parties on this island, key human rights stakeholders and also been subject to much criticism by leading European human rights figures and many leading political figures in the United States.”

“Nevertheless, the British government – for its own cynical and political reasons – remains tone deaf to the voices of victims as they pursue this Bill of Shame unilaterally.”

“Liz Truss must waken up and listen to the voice of victims.  She needs to hear that British Bill of Shame is not fixable and must be withdrawn without delay.”

“What we need to see is the human rights compliant implementation of the Stormont House Agreement which was agreed by political parties and the Irish and British government in 2014.”

“Any approach to legacy matters must be human rights compliant, must uphold the rights of victims and must uphold the rule of law.  Families need to be reassured that British policy-makers, forces and agents who were involved in collusion and state murder will be held accountable and the truth told.”

“So, the families of the Time for Truth Campaign are once again asking that the community which has supported our families in their campaigns for truth and justice to once again show solidarity with our families on Sunday 11th September as we stand in firm opposition to the British government’s attempts to bury its war crimes.”

Natasha Butler Springhill Westrock Massacre (middle) and Britain's Bill of Shame
Editor’s Notes:

·        The Rally will be addressed by John Finucane MP (Sinn Féin, and son of murdered human rights solicitor Pat Finucane); and family members, Natasha Butler (whose grandfather was killed in the Springhill/Westrock Massacre on 09 July 1972 by the British Army and John Kelly (whose brother was killed on Bloody Sunday on 30 January 1972 by the British Army)

·        The meeting points for the Time for Truth Rally on Sunday 11th September at 12 noon will be the McGurk’s Bar Memorial, North Queen Street, Divis Tower, and Cormac Square. Details here.

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