Families Protest Northern Ireland Office as Next Stage of Controversial Legacy Bill Is Re-Scheduled

Families of the Time for Truth Campaign will be protesting Britain’s Legacy Bill at the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) building in Belfast City Centre today (1pm, Monday 24th April 2023). The Legacy Bill was due to be discussed in the House of Lords today.

Family members will be available for interview at the protest to discuss the “Bill of Shame”.

What/Who: Families of the Time for Truth Campaign Protest
Why: Protest against the Tory Legacy Bill, Britain’s Bill of Shame
When: Monday, 24th April 2023 at 1pm
Where: NIO, Erskine House, 20 – 32 Chichester Street, Belfast, BT1 4GF

Ciarán MacAirt, spokesperson for the Time for Truth Campaign said:

“We will be protesting the Northern Ireland Office at 1pm and telling the British government that rather than re-scheduling its Bill of Shame, it must bin it completely.”

“At the same time as British government and NIO officials partied with world leaders and celebrated the Good Friday Agreement over the last fortnight, they are legislating to bury their war crimes in Ireland and to protect their killers.”
“The Bill of Shame will provide an amnesty for British state forces and deny our families basic legal rights to an inquest, an independent investigation and civil actions.”

“Any approach to the legacy of the conflict on these islands must be human rights compliant, it must uphold the rights of victims and it must uphold the rule of law.”


Time for Truth Campaign Families Protest 24th April 2023

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