Brandon Lewis and Boris Johnson of the perfidious British Government

Call to Action for Families of the Time for Truth Campaign

We have a Call to Action for families before our National Day of Action.

The families of the Time for Truth Campaign are launching a National Day of Action across the 32 counties of Ireland on Saturday 25th September 2021 at 12 noon against the British Government’s Legacy proposals.

Not only are we asking families to #StandWithUs across the country, but families can also use their contacts in the local media to invite journalists and photographers down to your local event.

All of the information you need will be included in this press release.

This also includes a list of locations across the island of Ireland which we will be updating over the next few hours.

Your family and the local media can see which location is the closest to you.

We are mobilizing in opposition to the British Government’s proposals outlined in its so-called Command Paper on Legacy, Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past.

The proposed British Government’s amnesty would prevent prosecutions for conflict-related offences and close down present and future police and Police Ombudsman investigations, civil actions and legacy inquests.

We know, of course, that the British government is only concerned about burying its war crimes and protecting it killers and human rights abusers. We are mobilising to tell Boris Johnson that all families have a right to truth and justice.

If you need further information, email Ciarán or via McGurk’s Bar website.



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