British State Cover-Up Time for Truth

Alert: Call to Action! Picket and Protest.

ALERT: Call to Action - Stand with the families of the Time for Truth Campaign at our protest and picket.

Stand with the families of the Time for Truth Campaign next Friday (11am 29th September 2023) at the Belfast Hilton Hotel where we will picket and protest Britain's attack on our basic human rights.

The families of the Time for Truth campaign and our leading NGOs - such as the Pat Finucane Centre and Relatives for Justice - will be protesting and forming a picket at a Law Society conference which is welcoming former Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan as a keynote speaker. Morgan is now the Chief Commissioner of the so-called Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR).

Independent it is not as it is not human rights compliant and it undermines the rule of law. It was constructed by the British state in the wake of its controversial Legacy Bill which aims to bury British war crimes in Ireland and protect British state killers.

That hateful Bill of Shame has recently become law after it was signed off by the British king, himself an honorary Colonel-in-Chief of the disgraced Parachute Regiment.

Families are reminded to bring banners and/or a photo of their loved ones.

Family members will be available for interview at the protest to discuss the Bill of Shame.

What/Who: Families of the Time for Truth Campaign Protest, NGOs, Human Rights Activists

Why: Protest and picket against Britain's ICRIR and the Tory attack on our basic human rights

When: Friday 29th September 11 am

Where: Belfast Hilton Hotel, 4 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3LP

Time for Truth Campaign Protest 5th September 2023

The Legacy Act and ICRIR is an attack on our basic human rights by a human rights abuser. Britain seeks to block families' equal access to due process of the law enjoyed by British citizens. Britain wants to bury its war crimes in Ireland and protect its killers.

All political parties on this island, the Irish Government, and key human rights stakeholders reject this Bill of Shame. Significantly, leading political figures in the United States and the EU reject it too.

Join us.

Notes for Editors

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