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Legacy Consultation Support Clinics

Do you need support in responding to the consultation, Addressing the Legacy of the Past?

The committee of the Time for Truth Campaign has organised information and advice clinics across Belfast to support victims and survivors of the conflict who would like to respond to the consultation.

The consultation covers the proposed draft legislation and mechanisms for dealing with the legacy of the conflict. It follows the signing of the Stormont House Agreement in December 2014 and the absence of action since then to help our community deal with its past and to reconcile our differences.

The consultation deadline has been extended to 5th October 2018 to give all citizens time to respond.

The Clinics

Date / Time:              Saturday 29th September 2018, 11am – 1pm

Belfast Locations:   

(1) West Belfast Taxi Association Depot, 35 King Street, BT1

(2) Short Strand Community Centre, 26A Beechfield Street, BT5

(3) Shaftesbury Recreation Centre, 97 Balfour Avenue, BT7

(4) Kennedy Centre, BT 11

(5) Park Centre, Donegall Road, Belfast, BT12

(6) The Flax Shopping Centre, Ardoyne Avenue, BT14

(7) Pop-up Tent, Corner of Antrim Road and Hallidays Road, BT15

(8) The Dairy Farm Shopping Centre, Stewartstown Road, BT17

Ciarán MacAirt spoke on behalf of the Time for Truth Campaign:

“The families of the Time for Truth Campaign encourage all citizens to read the consultation paper and respond with their views. The proposals are far from perfect but this is all the more reason to have your say.”

“To support families in Belfast, the committee of the Time for Truth Campaign have organised advice clinics across the city which will be open from 11am – 1pm on Saturday 29th September 2018. We will be able to answer any questions you have and even help you fill in the responses you wish to make. It is essential that everyone’s voice is heard as we may not get another opportunity to help heal the hurt in our society.”

Further Information: Northern Ireland Office Website

The families of the Time for Truth Campaign is encouraging all families to respond.

You can get the information you need on the government website.

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